SKN BAR is the first of its kind, an injectable powerhouse idea from a Beverly Hills celebrity dermatologist: a Botox™ only beauty bar to quickly and easily get that perfect Botox™ treatment that we all want.  

At SKN BAR, we take Botox very seriously.  We deliver the best technique, whether you want "just a little bit" to help soften your lines or whether you want it super tight and "fully relaxed", we always get your Botox ™ right. 

And at $12/unit, we make Botox™ more affordable and less intimidating for everyone.  Our patients are savvy and want it all, right now. So we are offering it to them in a streamlined way.  Book your appointment online or walk in and get the service you want. We take out the waiting in the waiting room, we remove the unfriendly receptionist and we banish the high price. You will love the speed and ease it is to get your Botox™ at SKN BAR.

 This unmistakably professional, medical beauty injectable bar puts its stamp on the medical cosmetic market by bringing a sterile but hip, non-intimidating, reasonably priced location to get your Botox ™ injections.  This just may be the next big thing in beauty. 

“I found that my patients were coming in for their very serious ‘mole patrol” skin exam and then asking me for their Botox™ injections in a very nonchalant kind of way”, says dermatologist to the stars. Vicki Rapaport, MD.  “I started calling Botox™ an "add-on procedure” because so many of my patients were no longer coming in solely for this purpose but as an add-on to their medical visit,” Dr. Rapaport adds.

“Then it hit me. We needed to offer Botox™, the gold standard in wrinkle relaxation, at a lower price and super-convenient way to our on-the-go, savvy patients. I needed to get it out of my medical office in Beverly Hills (even though it is considered the best medical building in Beverly Hills) and make the parking convenient, the price attractive and the ambience like the chicest place you have ever set foot in", Dr Vicki Rapaport summarized.  We all want that.

So we launched our first SKN BAR in own very way. We wanted it to be the perfect place to feel good and feel confident in the injection technique and injector.  All the highest standards are followed, in the manner that Dr Rapaport would inject her own demanding patients. All MD, RN and PA injectors have been trained by both Dr Rapaport and have passed the official Allergan Botox™ training program.  If you’re lucky you may even catch Dr Rapaport injecting on certain special days.  

The secret is out, you can get Botox™ done right, at an affordable price, by highly trained medical professionals in the chicest place possible.